Sunday, November 2, 2008

APE 08

Dutch and I went to Ape O'Eight. The reason I love being married.
"Darling, I want this zine, get it for me!" "OK, sweetie, how much money should I get out of the ATM" "I dunno, 40 or 60" (its really easy to spend someone else's money, though its not really his money, its our money, but, sort of, like its not coming from MY account, so it still feels like someone else's money...)
In the past, I usually spent my ENTIRE wad on the table and last minute printing/supply purchases so I always had exactly 50 cents to spend. So, naturally, I did a lot of trading, bartering and just plain begging. Which became a problem, because last year lots of people had their zines legitamately printed, with real money, so they didn't want one of my crappy xeroxed zines (which are totally out of print, so if ya wanted them, its too late now, sucka!) unless they were a really nice Canadian like the guy from Bob the Angry Flower. The things we bought with Cold Hard Cash Screw Heaven, When I die I am going to Mars AND Postage Stamp Funnies, by Shannon Wheeler. Super smart, super funny, super nice and he makes a mean cup of coffee(man). I follow him nowadays in The Onion, and sometime I don't know if he actually does hate everyone or just pretends to. From Family Style- the wonderful collective who puts on Zine Fest
The Science, Sarah Gion Ochre Ellipse, by Jonas Madden-Connor. He didn't remember my name, but he remembered my face. Friends by Francois Vigneault (I just like saying his name with a bad French Accent)
Hot Mexican Love Comics. I don't know why Dutch got this, when he gets real hot Mexican love EVERY NIGHT! (OK, yes I do, cuz the guys at HMLC are actually really irresistable, especially those mustaches). ANK and the four gumball egg comics from Peter Conrad. I discovered Peter years ago and he is another super nice person with a kid and a really cool comic gumball machine (and if you don't get the comic you want, he'll open it up for you and let you chose). A dozen Jack Chick comics from Bob Fowler. I don't know if any of my evangelical readers grew up with Chick comics like I did, but if you did, you'd understand the complex relationship I have with them. I loved them, I hated them, I love them still and hate them still and Bob Fowler clearly understands. He had them organized by whatever theme Chick bashes in each particular mini. So he's got the anti-Muslim, anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant, anti-Billy Graham, anti-evolution, anti-gay, anti-Third-World-Missionary labels on each one. Year 2 of buying Dutch a really cool t-shirt. Last year we bought Jobnik's Seek Peace and Chase After it t-shirt in Hebrew (which generally drove Hebrew speaking peoples nuts). This year we settled on "She Blinded Me with Library Science" tho' the octopus Pi and the flying bike were close seconds. Fart Party by Julia Wertz. Dutch picked this up because the title reminded him of me. Then, he opened it up, and the little brown haired, myopic female character with nose-picking habits REALLY reminded him of me. I dunno if I should be flattered or offended. Maybe I should feel happy, knowing I am Not Alone. Stuff I got for Free (because of my Pretty Face) Address book and Admit B from the POD post Girls. I have loved the PP girls even from before they were the POD. Why? Because they are beautiful. Yes, beautiful, with clear skin and sexy glasses and hot hot Japanese ephemera they have cleverly packaged in stationery sets. yum Yum yum! Invincible Summer/Clutch Split and You Ruined Everything by the inimitable Greg Means. Greg is one of those kind, talented men who make it especially hard to ever date a jerk (I probably would have dated him if I had ever moved to Portland). Now that I am married, he still talks to me, and gives me zines.

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