Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Camille Goes Kickboxing

Appendix. Another, um, not "fabulous," but, uh, "enlightening" online comic.

Mike says hi.

Hey there. My name is Mike. I will be sharing a table at Alternative Press Expo with the infamous Art teachers. I have no idea how they put up with me. Also, I have been given free reign to edit this blog to suit my needs. I feel compelled to expel the word "fabulous" from the top header like a menacing phantom. It's an uncomfortable word full of Hollywood sheen. Speaking of sheen, I have a blog you could check out. It has a random assortment of comix for your reading pleasure. Here's a sketch I did for those happy folks lucky enough to celebrate V day: Hey, thanks for reading. Maybe I'll see you at APE. I'm the one with the glasses. - Mike

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fat Camille Goes Shopping

Fat Camille Goes Shopping I just finished this last night, on my newly cleaned drafting table. I started it one afternoon, drinking coffee in Cafe Perg with El Cab. He was busy writing theology, so I bummed some notebook paper off him. It was a rare day when the cafe was staffed by quiet baristas, so I wasn't distracted by anything.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Drafting Table Angst

I am deeply unhappy with my drafting table. In fact, its chronic creakiness is keeping me from even sitting down at it. My head is bursting with comics. Fat Camille is bursting to get out, but she is only half-formed and embryonic. The Submariners are cranky and uncommunicative. I am thinking about petitioning Procurement for a new one. Is this a true artist block, or just a flimsy excuse?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happygoat Update

p 1 Hey Happygoaters! I could just email you both, but why bother with that old millenial communication form when I can make this a post? I sent the paperwork in (but the check hasn't cleared), and they replied with a strange form having to do with seller's permits. Fear not, it will immediately go into the pile labelled "pronto!"

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sketch Blog or ???

meadow Mike and I have been discussing whether or not this is going to be a sketch blog or what. I have been arguing that it should be germane to what we are going to have on our table. I am thinking about doing photo post cards again. They are very expensive produce, and they hardly sell, but they make great gifts for my aunts. I might do some mass-produced holgagraphy, because everyone will want some square postcards that will require first class postage, right? I think my attitude about the postcards is terrible, but my ego desperately needs to see some of my photography highlighted.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Submarine Confession

Intermission Spot I am not ready to think about the Submarine Files yet. The submariners are not talking to me. They are out of radio range under the Arctic ice shelf doing their secret stuff. I have been talking to Rockland Gainsborough, the admiral, but as usual, he is very private about his projects. We usually just talk about the weather, his golf game and other harmless topics.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We Are All Geniuses, part 2

pencil can
Originally uploaded by Ms. Art Teacher Lady.
Heather did this with crayons and sharpies. It actually looks shiny. Her rendering skills never cease to make me envious. Her use of color, with all the subtle splashes of complementary colors, really raises the energy in her compositions.

We Are All Geniuses

Leg Dance
Originally uploaded by ekimtiki.
Maybe I am crossing lines. Please forgive me, Mike and Heather, but I just can't resist posting some of your excellent artwork. If you don't like what I have done, please feel free to edit/delete these posts.

Mike did these on a trip he took to Australia. This example illustrates his ability to bend and twist the illusion of space in addition to his complex composition.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm happy to be a part of the Happygoat Revolution. I will spread my bug porn across that little table of ours. Provided I finish it...


happygoat Originally uploaded by camille94019.
A few years ago, Mike and I made plans to get our comics out into the world. Since we are both essentially lazy artists, we decided to pool our ambitions and channel them into something we optimistically call "Happygoat." We sat in coffee houses and drew many pictures in bad taste and eventually put together a table for the Alternative Press Expo, a mecca for people who love small-run comics. This will be our third year, and we welcome Heather into the Happygoat fold.